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Revolutionising tutoring

for VCE Students.

We offer tutoring for VCE subjects, Select Entry, UCAT and Med Interview.




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Medical School Interview

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Why choose us

Scholara aims to revolutionise online tutoring in Australia by providing Victorian high school students with specially developed courses which are proven to help individuals reach their potential.


Every single one of our students will learn from the best experienced tutors in Victoria, have access to our expansive resource bank via our one of a kind Dashboard, and will be part of our community of high achievers.

Online learning

At Scholara, we believe that online tutoring provides the best form of teaching and learning for secondary school students, and we expect to see a large shift towards online tuition services in the near future. 

Online tutoring provides tutors with the ability to share their screen, so students are able to see exactly what the tutor is doing very easily. This removes many barriers that many students face in classrooms such as not being able to read the whiteboard, or not knowing which particular section of a book the tutor is instructing from.

Money Back Guarantee

At Scholara we pride ourselves on offering the best services to our students. That is why we are so confident that you will benefit from our accelerated classes that if you’re not fully satisfied with your first class, it’s free! 

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What We Do

Scholara provides students with an online community of like-minded individuals, access to high-scoring past VCE student tutors and mentors, and an endless library of resources to help them achieve their full potential in VCE. 


With Scholara being a fully online learning solution, we offer a state-of-the-art web learning platform, designed in-house by our team. All students will get access to the Dashboard where each subject will have their own dedicated forum and resource library.

An online platform has been adopted by schools over the past couple of years and now its our turn to introduce it to the private tutoring space. 


Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Scholara over any other tutor?

As many of our course creators and tutors are recent graduates, we thoroughly understand the requirements and expectations of VCE and the VCAA study design. As a result, we are very qualified to provide our students with the best guidance for them to do well and achieve their goals. We differentiate ourselves from other tutors as we understand exactly what teachers and examiners are looking for from students, as in order to do well in high school many of our tutors have had to research what is needed to succeed. Moreover, at Scholara we consider ourselves as coaches rather than tutors as our aim is to help our students achieve their goals, including subject specific goals such as improving their grades all the way to helping them get into their desired course. Students at Scholara will also have access to a vast variety of resources via the “Dashboard”, as well as the opportunity to connect with other like minded individuals in our forums.

How much does Scholara cost?

The prices of our classes vary from one subject to another, and we do our best to ensure they are affordable for everyone. For more information about the prices about specific classes, please refer to the particular subjects you are interested in.

What resources and subjects does Scholara offer?

Scholara offers a variety of high school, VCE and medical entry subjects. The resources provided are dependent on the particular class. For example, our English classes provide many A+ sample essays, oral presentations, and study guides to learn from, while our Biology classes provide various notes and presentations in accordance with the VCAA study design. Additionally, for every VCE subject we provide plenty of practice examination papers for our students to develop their understanding of the content and prepare for their final exams. For more information, please send us an enquiry and we’ll be happy to provide some sample resources.

What level should I be for Scholara to be worthwhile?

At Scholara, we design our courses to ensure they challenge all of our students to ensure they are constantly improving. However, despite pushing our students to do their best, all of our students have managed with the tasks given as our classes are very flexible. As recent high school graduates, we understand that some weeks are busier than others due to various SACs, assessments, and assignments, and so most students will be able to keep up with our course. We strongly recommend our students to start their subjects early to allow for plenty of time to finish learning and understanding the content so they can move on to completing past examinations, practice questions and essays.

Is there a FREE trial class?

We understand that choosing a tutor that works for your child is a difficult choice for most individuals, and that is why at Scholara we offer a free trial lesson for each subject in order for your child to experience our teaching styles.

What UCAT score do I need to study Medicine?

This is a complex question as there are various factors that determine what UCAT score you require to study medicine. This mainly includes your rural status, which universities you want to apply to, which state you reside in, your ATAR (and consequently your SEAS, Monash Guarantee, EAS etc eligibility) and your medical interview performance. However, to loosely answer your question, non-rural students should aim for at least the 90th percentile from their 4 cognitive subtests, while rural students should aim for at least the 75th percentile. This score has been increasing since the UCAT was introduced in 2019 due to many students resitting the exam, so a safe target students should aim for in the 2022 sitting is 2980. With that being said, depending on the factors listed above, your UCAT requirements may be significantly lower or higher. For more information about the requirements to gain medical entry into each university, please refer to our blog!

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