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Our Story

When Yaseer Syed, our head tutor and current Monash Medical Student, was approached by his good friend and current Scholara technician Liam Pinto about a thought to revolutionise tutoring for Victorian High School Students, the two came up with a brilliant solution. With Yaseer and Liam drawing upon their expert tutoring expertise and IT prowess respectively, the two friends created Scholara to provide students from all over Victoria with high quality teachers and resources that are highly accessible from one’s laptop or mobile device.


As Melbourne High School Class of 2020 graduates, the two witnessed the brunt of the pandemic and noticed how inaccessible quality tutors are for most people, with many requiring to travel to many distant suburbs for reliable tutors for different subjects. Even with lockdowns aside, many high school students return late from school exhausted, only to dread leaving their home to visit a tutoring centre. Having commuted to and from the city daily for over 3 years, our Scholara founders have heard the constant complaints from peers about having to attend tutoring after a hot school day followed by a commute in the summer.


After noticing the challenges that busy families and high achieving students face, we have decided to pioneer the online tutoring service by providing students with trusted tutors, highly structured classes, a library of resources via our one of a kind Dashboard, and a community of like minded high achieving students to foster healthy competition to constantly strive to do better. Having been fortunate enough to attend one of the most high performing high schools in Victoria, the Scholara founders have identified that what makes these schools so great is the healthy competition between classmates, and our small group classes provide this experience for students all over Victoria! For more information enquire with an expert today!


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Why online?

At Scholara, we believe that online tutoring provides the best form of teaching and learning for secondary school students, and we expect to see a large shift towards online tuition services in the near future. 

Online tutoring provides tutors with the ability to share their screen, so students are able to see exactly what the tutor is doing very easily. This removes many barriers that many students face in classrooms such as not being able to read the whiteboard, or not knowing which particular section of a book the tutor is instructing from. Tutors are also able to send through notes and resources much more easily, as well as monitor every child’s work and progress through a collaborative folder.  

Moreover, online classes further allow students to ask any questions they may have privately by direct messaging the tutor. This provides every student the opportunity to ask all types of questions including ones which they might not feel comfortable asking in front of other students in a face to face setting. Ultimately, this enables students to make the most of their tutoring sessions by having their specific questions answered without hesitation and apprehensions.

Convenience is also a prominent reason for shifting to online tutoring services. With Scholara, students are able to take many classes from the comfort of their study desks at home, minimising fatigue and risk of burnout from excessive travel to and from various tutoring centres. Furthermore, online classes further eliminates the barriers that many students face such as the lack of access to transport. This added convenience allows students to enroll in more subjects without having to wake their parents up for an early Saturday morning class or interrupt dinner for a late Thursday night tutoring session.



At Scholara, we are firm believers that in order to succeed academically, one must be willing to put in their best effort. However, this is common knowledge, and the difficulty for most students is to actually put in the work. Having graduated from Melbourne High School, our founders are firm believers that the single facet that makes this school so great is the healthy competition fostered between classmates and peers. This is clearly evident in the large number of UCAT applicants within the MHS cohort, with the 35 students gaining acceptance to study Medicine at Monash University each year being due to the healthy competition between classmates to constantly improve their UCAT mock scores and to never become complacent. Complacency is the risk which arises from not surrounding oneself in an academically competitive environment, with the adage “you are a product of your surroundings” is very applicable in the academic setting. This is why we are the only academic institution to have been built with the goal to foster a competitive learning environment between peers. If you are interested in joining our community of high achievers, enquire now!

  • Your VCE result is mostly about hard work. To achieve good grades, working hard is inevitable. 

  • However, we understand that every student is different, and some students require more hard work than others

  • We believe that individuals are a product of their surroundings, and we aim to provide our students with a community of high achievers so your child will be motivated to be the best