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English (Accelerated)

At Scholara, we offer comprehensive and accelerated classes for students studying chemistry so they can remain ahead of their class and start their exam preparations early. Our classes begin by ensuring students have a strong understanding of the concept we are covering in our structured learning outcomes. Once our expert tutor has explained these complex ideas in depth, the class will go through application styled questions to consolidate their understanding. Moreover, by learning how to complete practice questions effectively early on, we prepare our students to score well in their school assessments and exams. 

Additionally, many tutors overlook helping their students with practice questions with their students. However, at Scholara we firmly believe this is one of the most important aspects of tutoring students in VCE Chemistry. This is because in reality, even if a student has the best understanding of the complex ideas in VCE Chemistry, if they are unable to answer exam questions effectively they will not score the marks required to succeed, thus not reflecting their potential. How can such a crucial element such as completing questions effectively be neglected by many tutors? How can you expect your child to do well if they are unable to answer the exam questions in such a way to score full marks on each question?

Once enrolled, students will have access to our revolutionary Dashboard, giving them access to a vast collection of high scoring notes, study guides, practice examinations and practice SAC’s. At Scholara we ensure that our students are fully equipped with the knowledge, skills and resources to succeed in VCE Chemistry. If you are interested in getting ahead and enrolling in our accelerated Chemistry classes, please contact us or enquire now.


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Yas has undoubtedly 'figured out' the UCAT and his in-depth understanding of every section's intricacies and key aspects is definitely obvious in his classes. It was clear to me during his class that Yas has tried and tested almost every approach to each section, and I can confidently say that his thorough explanations of each section of the UCAT have allowed me to make massive leaps with my progress. I highly recommend him to anybody wanting to improve significantly in all sections and gain a deeper understanding of how to perform to your best ability. 

Tim M (UCAT)

Tutor: Yaseer Syed

Our Lessons

Chemistry classes are run in small groups so students can learn off each other as well as to foster a healthy competition. 

90 Minute Classes


Students are eligible for a discount for each friend they bring along.

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Although it's only been a few weeks, I can already see my English improving at faster rates than it ever has before, and it’s thanks to these classes. They have helped me much more than I could have imagined, so thank you :)

Dev (Year 9)

Tutor: Yaseer Syed

Yaseer Syed graduated in 2020 from with a 99.99 Atar from Melbourne High School. After getting into Monash Medical School, he took it upon himself to tutor other students and pass on his valuable knowledge that allowed him to score a raw 54 in English. Over 2021, Yaseer tutored over 10 students in English and 20+ in UCAT. 

To pass his time, Yas loves to socialise with his mates Chris and Mike Bourne and pull 10s at Billboard. 

Yaseer Syed


Yas's session today was amazing! He explained everything so simply and so well and I loved how he offered multiple strategies, and not just that, but the pros and cons of each!

Georgia B (UCAT)

Tutor: Yaseer Syed

What makes us different?

The key for success in any VCE subject is to stay ahead of your class so you have ample time for SAC revision and completing your practice exams early. However, an exigent subject like VCE Chemistry makes this task very difficult as it can be very hard to learn alone without proper guidance. The reason for this is because unlike VCE Maths Methods or VCE Biology which are mostly application type subjects and content heavy subjects respectively, VCE Chemistry is a complete mixture of the two as students are expected to thoroughly learn and understand a substantial amount of content, yet apply all of these to difficult exam questions. As a result, when students follow the pace of their class they’ll find it is very difficult to do their best, as this leaves them with minimal time to prepare for their important assessments and exams which directly contribute to their ATAR.