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English (Accelerated)

Scholara’s Mathematical Methods accelerated classes targets students in years 9, 10, 11 and 12 looking to get a head start on their VCE subjects. This course is designed to prepare students to become ready for their final year of high school so they can do their best. 

Mathematical Methods is unarguably one of the most application-based subject in VCE, making it a very tricky subject for most students. Additionally, despite many being relieved at the 66% weighting of this subject's end of year exam, its notorious difficulty means that even the most well prepared student dread their exam day.

At Scholara, we completely understand this, and we aim to better prepare students for their all important exams from the very beginning of their classes. The reason students don’t perform well on exams is simply because of the significant increase in difficulty from the textbook questions to the questions you will find on your school SAC’s and exam. Our approach overcomes this, as we prepare our students specifically for their important assessments rather than simply teaching them maths.

The mistake made by many students and tutors is simply teaching the mathematical concepts, and since these are relatively straightforward students may feel a false sense of security. However, by the time the exam period comes around and students start attempting practice exams, most students who have not prepared for the application styled questions will begin to feel stressed due to the little amount of time left to improve their mathematics ability. How can students expect to do well without knowing how to answer exam questions? A student can’t be expected to score well if they cannot answer what is being assessed. We understand this issue and our accelerated program prevents students from falling into this trap. 


What makes us different?

At Scholara, since we teach our students how to apply these mathematical concepts early on, by the time exams come around they will have a strong understanding of how to answer these complex, application-style questions. Our classes begin by teaching students the basic concepts of a particular topic, which is then followed by question walkthroughs and practice questions that the student must complete. Once students have learnt the fundamentals, the tutor will capitalise on their understanding and immediately begin to teach them how to answer application styled exam questions. These will gradually increase in difficulty, until all of our students have mastered VCE maths methods. 

Yas has undoubtedly 'figured out' the UCAT and his in-depth understanding of every section's intricacies and key aspects is definitely obvious in his classes. It was clear to me during his class that Yas has tried and tested almost every approach to each section, and I can confidently say that his thorough explanations of each section of the UCAT have allowed me to make massive leaps with my progress. I highly recommend him to anybody wanting to improve significantly in all sections and gain a deeper understanding of how to perform to your best ability. 

Tim M (UCAT)

Tutor: Yaseer Syed

Our Lessons

As part of our weekly classes, all of our students will gain access to our revolutionary Dashboard where they will receive access to hundreds of practice exams, practice SAC’s, and study guides- all of which are required to ensure success. Additionally, students will be able to complete and submit their weekly homework worksheets via the Dashboard for review by our tutor in the following lesson. 

90 Minute Classes


Each class runs in a small group of 3-5 students. Students are eligible for a discount for each friend they bring along.

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Although it's only been a few weeks, I can already see my English improving at faster rates than it ever has before, and it’s thanks to these classes. They have helped me much more than I could have imagined, so thank you :)

Dev (Year 9)

Tutor: Yaseer Syed

Yaseer Syed graduated in 2020 from with a 99.99 Atar from Melbourne High School. After getting into Monash Medical School, he took it upon himself to tutor other students and pass on his valuable knowledge that allowed him to score a raw 54 in English. Over 2021, Yaseer tutored over 10 students in English and 20+ in UCAT. 

To pass his time, Yas loves to socialise with his mates Chris and Mike Bourne and pull 10s at Billboard. 

Yaseer Syed


Yas's session today was amazing! He explained everything so simply and so well and I loved how he offered multiple strategies, and not just that, but the pros and cons of each!

Georgia B (UCAT)

Tutor: Yaseer Syed