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English (Accelerated)

Scholara completely understands what many medical school applicants are going through with regards to the UCAT and medicine entrance. It is disappointing to see many keen students give up on their goals before even studying for the UCAT due to not knowing where to start and the extremely high requirements to receive an interview offer. However, it is very important to realise that everyone starts at the same place, and the difference is made by your hard work and efforts throughout the year. 

We completely disagree with the attitude that "you can't study for the UCAT" as this discourages very capable individuals from working towards their goals, and this even provides a justification for students to give up on the UCAT if no improvement has been made. With their dedication, we have seen every single one of our students make huge improvements in the UCAT, thus proving that everyone can improve in the UCAT regardless how they start. 

When looking for UCAT tutors and workshops to attend, many students and their families are disheartened when realising how expensive they are, with many tutors charging unreasonable amounts without even having sat the UCAT themselves. 

At Scholara we have carefully designed an exceptional UCAT course for our students which covers all aspects of the UCAT and everything they need to know with regards to the UCAT.


Yas has undoubtedly 'figured out' the UCAT and his in-depth understanding of every section's intricacies and key aspects is definitely obvious in his classes. It was clear to me during his class that Yas has tried and tested almost every approach to each section, and I can confidently say that his thorough explanations of each section of the UCAT have allowed me to make massive leaps with my progress. I highly recommend him to anybody wanting to improve significantly in all sections and gain a deeper understanding of how to perform to your best ability. 

Tim M (UCAT)

Tutor: Yaseer Syed

Our Lessons

Scholara completely understands what many medical school applicants are going through with regards to the UCAT and medicine entrance. Every single one of our students that have attended our thorough UCAT course have seen huge improvements in their results, with over 80% of students scoring above 2950!

Group Workshops


or $35/hr/person if you form your own group

Our UCAT workshops at Scholara are run in small groups of 3 students and are a much cheaper alternative to our one-one UCAT private tutoring. The workshops are run in 5 one hour sessions, with each session covering various strategies to ace each subtest. Like all of our classes, our group UCAT workshop is highly structured with a perfect mix of strategies and practice questions to consolidate your understanding. This course will set you up to prepare for the UCAT by yourself, but for additional guidance we offer private one-one tutoring sessions.

Private Tutoring


At Scholara we understand that many students might prefer the personalised lessons that one-one classes provide, and so we also offer private online tutoring to cater to these individuals. Like all of our classes, the private UCAT tutoring is also highly structured as we go through every strategy to ace each subtest. Additionally, in our one-one lessons our head tutor will examine your attempts at the different UCAT questions and will devise personalised strategies to overcome your weaknesses.

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Although it's only been a few weeks, I can already see my English improving at faster rates than it ever has before, and it’s thanks to these classes. They have helped me much more than I could have imagined, so thank you :)

Dev (Year 9)

Tutor: Yaseer Syed

Yaseer Syed graduated in 2020 from with a 99.99 Atar from Melbourne High School. After getting into Monash Medical School, he took it upon himself to tutor other students and pass on his valuable knowledge that allowed him to score a raw 54 in English. Over 2021, Yaseer tutored over 10 students in English and 20+ in UCAT. 

To pass his time, Yas loves to socialise with his mates Chris and Mike Bourne and pull 10s at Billboard. 

Yaseer Syed


Yas's session today was amazing! He explained everything so simply and so well and I loved how he offered multiple strategies, and not just that, but the pros and cons of each!

Georgia B (UCAT)

Tutor: Yaseer Syed